Philip Brittan

CTO / Global Head of Platform Financial & Risk

Philip Brittan is Chief Technology Officer and Global Head of Platform at Thomson Reuters’ Financial & Risk division. He is primarily responsible for the product strategy, development, and operations of the Company’s financial markets product suite, including the flagship Eikon desktop and Elektron real-time data distribution network. Brittan joined Thomson Reuters in 2011, having previously been global head of Google Finance. Prior to that, he headed Bloomberg’s foreign exchange and economics businesses for six years. Brittan has a strong entrepreneurial history, having founded and managed several successful software development companies including Spheresoft Inc.and Droplets Inc. Brittan started his career in Product Development at financial software firm Astrogamma, rising to become the company’s CEO in 1993.  He was instrumental in the development of Fenics, which became the benchmark application for currency option pricing and risk management at the time. Brittan has registered six technology patents in his name for matters as diverse as the construction of currency strength indices and a system and method for delivering a graphical user interface of remote applications over a thin bandwidth connection.  Philip is a certified Financial Risk Manager and holds an A.B. in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Panel speaker “Financial technology as a major disruptive force in banking”